Prof. H. Chandrashekhar Dixit

Honourable President of the function and the esteemed chairman of SMC Governing Council Sri K. Abhayachandra Jain, Distinguished Chief Guest Sri Dinesh Sunder Mallya, Members of the College Trust and the Governing Council, Invitees, Ladies and Gentlemen.At the outset, I extend to you all a hearty and warm welcome to the 55th Annual Day celebrations of our college. It is an occasion to place before the parents and the public, a brief report of the curricular and co-curricular activities conducted in the institution. I deem it an honour and privilege to present to this august assembly the annual report of Sri Mahaveera First Grade College for the academic year 2019-20.

The college is managed by the Academy of General Education, Manipal and Sri Mahaveera College Trust, Moodbidri. In addition, to look after the administrative matters, we have the SMC Governing Council. The management of the college is vested in the hands of the dedicated, dynamic and disciplined stalwarts who are having a wealth of experience in administration. The sister institutions in our campus include Sri Mahaveera Pre-University College, S.N. Mudbidri Polytechnic, A.G.Soans ITI and M.K.Ananthraj College of Physical Education.
I take this opportunity to pay our rich tributes and respect to the illustrious founders of this college, Dr. T.M.A. Pai and Sri S.N.Mudbidri for their selfless efforts in the establishment and development of our institution. On this auspicious occasion, we remember with gratitude the valuable services rendered by the former trustees of the college whose guidance and wisdom has undoubtedly contributed to the steady progress of this institution in the several fields of its various activities.

In Memorium
I feel intensely grieved to report the sad demise of three of our founder trustees Sri S.Thyagarajan, Sri K. Amaranath Shetty and Sri H.Udayashankar Prabhu. Sri C.K.Padival, one of the former trustees of our college and Dr. B. Rameshchandra Rao, who served as the HOD of Zoology for many years, also have passed away during the year under report. We pray Almighty to grant peace to the departed souls.

Students’ Strength
The student strength of our First Grade College during the year under report is as follows:-

Girls: 268
Total: 450

Staff Strength
The strength of the staff during the year under report is:-
Teaching : 42
Non-teaching : 19
Total : 61

During this academic year, the following Management staff members have joined the services of our institution:-

 Mrs. Thriveni, Dept. of Biology
 Mrs. Suraksha Karkera R., Dept. of Computer Science
 Ms. Ramya, Dept. of Computer Science
 Mrs. Akshatha, Dept. of Computer Science
 Ms. Minutha P., Dept. of Physics
 Ms. Harshitha, Dept. of Chemistry

The following staff members have left the services of the institution:-

 Mrs. Sulochana, Dept. of Kannada
 Ms. Mishriya, Dept. of Computer Science
 Mr. Sahul Hameed, Dept. of Computer Science
 Mrs. Parnashree, Dept. of Computer Science
 Mr. Murari B.K., Dept. of Computer Science
 Mr. Guruprasad, Dept. of Commerce
 Mr. Bhargava, Dept. of Physics

While welcoming the new staff members to our fold, I take this opportunity to place on record the valuable services of those who left the institution on their own.

Academic performance
The details of the results of the Annual Examinations of May 2019 are as under:-

B.A. 100 %
B.Sc. 84.61 %
B.Com 89.81 %
B.C.A. 100%

Grants and Scholarships
During the current academic year, the college has received the following scholarships:-
 GOI Post Metric SC/ST Scholarship : Rs.2,20,795/-
 Arivu Loan Scheme for Minority : Rs.21,880/-
 Fee concession: Rs.2,47,880/-

Our library has a collection of 53,138 volumes and has been subscribing to 65 periodicals and 9 dailies. The library organized ‘Gandhiana’- a book exhibition of the works of and on Mahatma Gandhi from 26th September to 2nd October 2019. Dr. S.R.Ranganathan’s Day and National Book Week were also organized. Book exhibition was also arranged on the eve of Mathrubhasha Divas celebration and also for the 10th standard students of nearby schools. The college is grateful to the following donors who are kind enough to donate books to the library during this academic year:-

 Registrar, Academy of General Education, Manipal
 Mrs. Sulochachana Pachinadka, Former lecturer, SMC
 Kannada Sangha, Kanthavara
 Shikshakara Dinacharana Samithi, Moodbidri Taluk
 Competition Success Review Ltd., New Delhi
 Sri Aravinda Chokkadi, Moodbidri
 Sri Sadananda Hegdekatte, Kodangallu
 Chitrakoot Foundation, Bangalore
 MAHE, Manipal
 Justice K. S. Hegde Institute of Management, NMAMIT, Nitte
 Dr. N.T. Bhat, MICE, Manipal

Career skill contest sponsored by Sri Sanjay Bhat, Founder Director of Mindful Consulting, Mangalore was held in the library on 14th January 2020.

Free Mid-day Meal
Sri Harish, Dept. of Commerce is the coordinator of this scheme. Free mid-day meal is being provided to 150 students on the basis of their economic status, regularity, academic performance, etc. I thank the following donors for their generous contribution towards free mid-day meal scheme:-
1. Sri Sanjay Bhat : Rs.7500/-
2. Sri Vishwanath Prabhu : Rs.10005/-
3. Sri Dinesh Mallya and Sri Muralidhara Mallya : Rs.19500/- (Every month Rs.1500/-)
4. Sri Balakrishna Rao, Moodbdidri : Rs. 1500/-
5. Dr. Vasanth Shenoy : Rs.3000/-
6. Mrs. Chethana Prashanth : Rs.3000/-
7. Sri Karthik Kumar : Rs.3000/-
8. Mrs. Shobha Ashok Padiyar: Rs. 3000/-
9. Dr. Ajith Prakash : Rs. 2000/-
10. Sri Vadiraj Bhat : Rs.10000/-
11. Mrs. Seema Merwade: Rs. 6000/-
12. Dr. Shobha Kamath, Vadodara : Rs.1500/-
13. Sri Fazlur Rahiman Gouse:Rs. 15000/-
14. Sri Sunil Dutt : Rs.4500/-
15. Sri Raviraj Tholpady : Rs.3000/-
16. Mrs. Anjana Ramesh : Rs.9000/-
17. Dr. Sathish N. Bangera : Rs.10000/-
18. Sri Lokesh Shetty, Mumbai : Rs.10500/-
19. Mrs. Gayathri : Rs.3000/-
20. Prof. Vrashabharaj Jain : Rs.5000/-
21. Dr. Shubodh : Rs.9000/-
22. Smt. Prema : Rs.6000/-
23. Sri Varun Moras : Rs.2000/-
24. Mrs. Ashalatha : Rs.3000/-
25. Dr. Shrikanth Bhat : Rs.5000/-
26. Dr. Manohar Pai, KMC : Rs.15000/-
27. Sri R.Ravindra Pai, Siddha, Moodbidri : Rs.4500/-
28. Ms. Vasudha N. : Rs.1000/-
29. Sri Divakar M.Shenoy : Rs.5005/-
30. Sri Aravinda Pandith, Mangalore : Rs.6000/-
31. Sri Guruprasad : Rs.4500/-
32. Dr. Jayagopal Tholpady : Rs.3000/-
33. Sri Clery Melwin Fernandes: Rs.3000/-
34. Ms. Snova Yoshel Lobo : Rs.5000/-
35. Sri Niranjan Rao : Rs.1500/-
36. Sri Sudhakar Kundar : Rs.5000/-
37. Sri Sachith J. : Rs.2000/-
38. Ms. Geetha Jayanthi : Rs. 2000/-
39. Sri Dikshith A.R. : Rs.2000/-
40. Ms. Vijayalakshmi : Rs.2000/-
41. Ms. Vidya M.Suvarna : Rs. 2000/-
42. Samaj Mandir Sabha : Rs.100000/-
43. Mrs. Jayakumari, Kanhangad: Rs.6000/-
44. Mrs. Sandhya S., Mangalore: Rs.6000/-

Achievements of the Staff

Dr. Jayalaxmi, Head, Department of History

 Attended one day National Seminar on ‘Insights on CBCS and MOOC in Higher Education System’ held at St. Agnes College, Mangalore on 28th June 2019.
 Attended one day National Seminar on ‘Rethinking Mahatma Gandhi – Issues and Challenges’ held at St. Agnes College, Mangalore on 23rd September 2019.
 Participated in the 32nd National level Statutory Conference of All India University and College Teachers Association in Bhuvaneshwar, Orissa from 7th to 9th December 2019.
 Attended Dakshina Kannada YRC Programme Officers Training held at University College, Mangalore on 19th December 2019.
 Participated in the Workshop on ‘Preventing Sexual Harassment in Educational Institutions’ organized by
the Centre for Women’s Studies, Mangalore University, Mangalagangotri.

Dr. Chinnaswamy, Head, Department of Kannada

 Participated in the Choice Based Credit System Conference held at St. Agnes College, Mangalore on 28th June 2019.
 Participated in the Seminar ಕನ್ನಡದಲಿ ಗಣಕ ಶಾಸ್ತ್ರ organized by Poornaprajna College, Udupi on 13th July 2019.
 Participated in the programme ಮಾರ್ಗದರ್ಶಕರಿಗೆ ಮಾರ್ಗದರ್ಶನ organized by MAPS College, Mangalore on 6th September 2019.
 Participated as a resource person for the programme ‘ಓದು,ಗ್ರಹಿಕೆ,ನೆನಪು’organized by SNMP, Moodbidri on 13th September 2019.
 Participated in the National level Seminar on ‘ಉನ್ನತ ಶಿಕ್ಷಣದ ಸಾವಲುಗುಲು’ held at SDM Law College, Mangalore on 10th January 2020.
 Participated as a resource person for the programme ‘ಪರಿಸಾರ ಕಲಾಜಿ ನಮೆಲರ ಹೊಣೇ’ organized by Govt. Higher Primary School, Main, Moodbidri on 5th February 2020.

Dr. Radhakrishna, Head, Department of Economics

 Authored a text book ‘Business Economics’ for the First Year B.Com – I Semester Mangalore University as per CBCS Syllabus. The book was published by the Universal Publishers, Mangalore with ISBN 978-93-81195- 41-3.
 Participated as a Resource Person in the one day workshop for the Economics teachers of PU Colleges of Dakshina Kannada District held on 19-08-2019 at Sri Venkataramana College, Bantwal.
 Participated and presented a paper on ‘Informal Sector in India: Issues and Challenges’ in the 4 t h Annual Conference on ‘Indigenisation of Social Sciences in India’ held at Tumakuru University on 13th and 14th December 2019.
 Participated as a Moderator in the National Seminar on ‘Economics of Lord Mahaveera: Revisited’ held on 21st January 2020 at S.D.M College, Ujire.
 Authored a text book ‘Money and Public Finance’ for the First Year B. Com- II Semester Mangalore University as per CBCS Syllabus. The book was published by the Universal Publishers Mangalore with ISBN 978- 81-7979-000-7.
 Participated as Resource Person in the Valedictory ceremony of a workshop on “Research and Publications” held at Government First Grade College, Siddakatte on 14th February 2020.
 Participated as a Moderator of a session in the Two Day National Conference on ‘Indian Economy in Transition: Prospects and Challenges of Cooperatives’, held at University College, Mangalore on 19-20 February 2020.
 Participated as a Moderator in the Two Day National Conference on ‘Rethinking of Indian Development Experience’, held at Department of Post Graduate Studies and Research in Economics, Mangalagangothri on 12th and 13th March 2020.

Dr. Praveen K., Head, Department of Political Science

 Organising committee member of one day National Seminar on ‘Insights on CBCS and MOOC in Higher Education System’ organized by the Association of Mangalore University College Teachers on 28th June 2019.
 Served as the moderator in the Workshop on ‘ CBCS and New Syllabus of Political Science’ at University College, Mangalore on 13th July 2019.
 Participated in the Electoral Literacy Club activities meeting held at Zilla Panchayath Office on 26th July 2019.
 Presented a paper on ‘Multi-culture and Indian Nationalism at the two day National Seminar on ‘The Diverse faces of Indian Nationalism’ at Govt. First Grade College, Shivamogga on 6th September 2019.
 Attended Refresher Course on Teacher Education at UGC – Human Resource Development Centre, Kannur University, Kerala from 22nd October to 4th November 2019.
 Written an article on ‘Indian Nationalism– Challenges’ and published in an ISBN numbered refereed journal.
 Serving as the joint secretary of AMUCT.

Mrs. Nalini K., Librarian

 Participated in NAAC sponsored one day National Seminar on ‘Role of Librarians in Quality Enhancement in Higher Education’ which is organized by JGCC, Hubballi on 30th April 2019.
 Attended a Workshop on ‘Digital Informatics’ organised by University College Library, Mangalore in association with DKKLA on May 10, 2019.
 Participated in the TEQIP- I I I
 Participated in the 32nd All India sponsored International Conference University and College Teachers Statutory Conference for 3 days held at Bhuvaneshwar, Odisha from 7th to 9th December 2019.
 Conducted a Soft Skill Training programme on Positive Thinking to the post graduate students of Sri Gokrnanatheshwara College , Mangalore.
 Conducted Guest Lecture programme to the Civil and Mechanical diploma students of SNM Polytechnic on 18.9.2019 and 3.1.2020.
 Attended one day National Seminar on ‘ Teacher Initiatives in Higher Education’ organized by Mangalore University and Karnataka State Mahavidyalaya Adhyapakara Sangha at SDM Law College, Mangalore on 11th January 2020. on ‘Digital Technologies and Transformation in Academic Libraries’ organized by Central Library, NITK, Surathkal during December 26-28, 2019.
 Participated in the 4 t h National Conference on Management of Modern Libraries – 2020 on the theme ‘Reaching out Users in the Digital Era: Opportunities and Challenges’ organized by MAHE, Manipal during 10-11 January, 2020.
 Participated in the First Vidyarthi Sammelana at Town Hall, Mangalore on 16th January 2020.

Intercollegiate Competitions
During this academic year, we have conducted the following intercollegiate competitions:-
 Mangalore University level intercollegiate Football Tournament for Men
 Mangalore University level S.D. Samrajya Memorial Elocution competition on Gandhian Thought
 Mangalore University level intercollegiate competition ‘Tulunadasiri Madipu 2020’

Achievements of our students in various intercollegiate competitions
Our students Ms. Monthi Mary D’Souza of III B.A., Mr. Shreeraj S.Sanil, Ms. Jenisha Nazareth, Ms. Sharel Preethi D’Souza of III B.Com, Mr. Shashwath Shetty, Mr. Roopesh, Ms. Rajeshwari, Ms. Subhashini, Ms. Ashwini, Ms. Pavithra and Ms. Dhanya of III B.Sc., Mr. Dhananjaya Shetty of III BCA and Ms. Shravya of II B.Com secured prizes in various intercollegiate competitions.

Other Programmes
 The Internal Quality Assurance Cell organized a Workshop on ‘Choice Based Credit System’ for the teachers and I degree students of our college on 26th June 2019. Dr. Ummappa Poojary, Head of the Department of Commerce, Gokarnanatheshwara College, Mangalore was the resource person.
 Mahaveera Jayanthi was celebrated on 6th April 2020.

Placement Cell
Mr. Harish H., Assistant Professor of Mathematics Department is the placement officer. During the year under report, students took part in the pool campus drive, online test conducted by Vee Technologies and HireMee companies. Ms. Kousthubha Dixit, Ms. Jenisha, Mr. Prasad of III B.Com have been shortlisted for Infosys BPM LTd, Mr. Pranam and Mr. Musaab of III BCA have been shortlisted for Wipro company.

National Cadet Corps (NCC)
Major Dr. Radhakrishna Shetty, Head of the Department of Economics is the NCC Officer. During the year under report, the NCC unit of our college has organized Annual Training camp of 18 Karnataka Battalion from 25th May to 3rd June 2019. 24 NCC cadets of our college participated in this camp. Our cadets have also participated in the Basic Leadership Camp held at Mysore, All India Shivaji Trekking, Maharastra, etc.
The other activities of the NCC unit include celebration of International Yoga Day, Kargil Vijay Diwas, cycle expedition, visit to Spoorthi Special School, Moodbidri, Swatch Bharath Abhiyan, NCC Day, trekking expedition etc. Our NCC unit has bagged II place in the group level contingent drill competition held at Alva’s College, Moodbidri.

National Service Scheme (NSS)
Our College has one N.S.S. Unit with an approved strength of 100. 105 volunteers have been enrolled during this academic year. Mr. Basanagouda Patil, Department of Commerce is working as the NSS Programme Officer.

The NSS unit of our college has been functioning very actively by organizing diversified programmes. The various activities of the unit include shramadana, health awareness programme, traffic rules awareness programme, road safety awareness programme, swachatha andolan jatha, campus cleaning, voting awareness programme, guest talks, street plays regarding social evils etc. The annual special camp was held at D.K.H.P.School, Thandrakere from 23rd to 29th December 2019.

Rangers Unit
Mrs. Sumalatha, Lecturer, Department of Chemistry is the Ranger Leader. During the year under report, the unit has organized programmes like sadbhavana day, campus cleaning, traffic rules awareness programme, old age home visit to Rosario Convent at Alangar etc.

Youth Red Cross
Dr. Jayalaxmi, Head of the Department of History is the Programme officer of this wing. During the year under report, it has conducted various programmes like talk on moral values and community services, health awareness programme, sadbhavana day, road safety programme, traffic rules awareness programme, Fit India jatha, campus cleaning, visit to old age home etc.

Sports and Games
During this academic year we have organized Mangalore University intercollegiate football tournament from 23rd to 25th September 2019. Mr. Melroy of II B.Com ‘B’ represented Mangalore University in the All India University level Softball tournament held at Yogi Vemena University, Andhra Pradesh on 8th January 2020.

Students Welfare Council
The Students Welfare Council has organized various activities under the auspices of the various associations. A detailed report of the activities will be presented by the secretary of the council tomorrow. I appreciate the Students Council President, Mr. Shreeraj S. Sanil and the office bearers for their enthusiastic work. I also recognize the valuable guidance given by the Students Welfare Officer, Dr. Ajaz Ahmed.

Sri J.J. Pinto, Principal of SNM Polytechnic, is the chief warden of our boys and women’s hostels. In the year under report, the strength of the Women’s Hostel and the Boys Hostel is 26 and 20 respectively. Both the hostels are equipped with all the necessary infrastructure and are providing homely comfort to the inmates. I appreciate the services of the wardens and staff of the hostels.

Parent Teachers Association (PTA)
The PTA of our college has been an active partner in the activities and development of our institution. The members of PTA are contributing to the Free Mid-day Meals and also financial help to the needy students. The President of PTA, Sri Abdul Rahiman and the members of the executive committee have been very supportive to us.

Old Students Association
This association has been playing an active role in all our endeavors. Many of our old students have been contributing generously to the intercollegiate competitions, NSS special camp and also for the free mid-day meal scheme. While thanking them for their nice gesture, we also look forward for their continued and invaluable support in the coming years. I acknowledge our appreciation and gratitude to the President of Old Students Association Sri Suresh Shetty, Secretary, Prof. M. Ramesh Bhat and all the members for having been supportive to all our activities.
Ladies and Gentlemen, this is only a synopsis of the activities and functioning of the college that I am presenting to you. We look forward for the kind help and support from the Management, Parent Teachers Association, Old Students Association, parents, present students and the public at large. I am highly thankful to the Registrar of AGE, Manipal Dr. Ranjan R. Pai, President of AGE Dr. H.S. Ballal, Administrative Officer of AGE Dr. H. Shantaram, Chairman of SMC Governing Council Sri K. Abhayachandra Jain, Members of the Management, Staff, Parents, Students and Old Students, various sponsors, media and everyone who stood by me in discharging my duties in the best interests of the institution.
Mr. President, with your kind permission, I present to this distinguished and august assembly the College Day Report for the academic year 2019-20.
Thank you very much.


Prof. M. Ramesh Bhat
Principal, SMPUC




Respected President, Honourable Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen.It is my pleasure to present to this august assembly a brief report of the activities and achievements of Sri Mahaveera Pre-University College Manipal and Sri Mahaveera College Trust, the college is striving hard to provide quality education to the young minds in this part of the district and to others from across the state and outside.

Students Strength
The strength of the students of the college during the year under report is as follows for the year 2019-20. Being managed by the Academy of General Education,

Result of the Second PUC Annual Examination of March – 2019 is as follows:
No. of students appeared : 135
No. of students passed : 123
Overall percentage : 91.11%

Evania Shiny Sequiera has secured 9th Rank, in state level. 14 students have secured above 90% marks. Following subjects have obtained 100% result: Hindi, Sanskrit, History, Political Science, Sociology, Economics, Accountancy & Computer Science.
7 Students have scored 100 out of 100 marks in Computer Science, Accountancy, Maths, Statistics, Sociology Business Studies.

Staff strength Teaching – 18 Non teaching – 04 Achievements of StaffMrs. Sujatha Kumari B., Department of Sociology
 Got ‘Best Actress Award 2019, in State level short film fest which was organized by Aaradirali Belaku at Moodbidri Samaj Mandir on 20-10-2019.

National Cadet Corps (NCC)
Major Dr. Radhakrishna Shetty, Head of the Department of Economics is the NCC Officer. Our cadets participated in the following camps during the year under report:-
1. NCC Annual Training Camp of 18 Karnataka Battalion was successfully organized in our College from 25-05- 2019 to 03-06-2019. More than 600 NCC Cadets participated in the camp.17 SD and 7 SW cadets from our college participated in this camp.
2. CPL. Akash S. Bangera of II PUC participated in the TSC IGC held at Bijapur from 12th August to 21st August 2019.
3. CPL. Akash Bangera, CPL Darshan K., CPL. Sudheekshith Poojary and CQMS. Shivaraj H.R. participated in the Army Attachment Camp, held at Bangalore from 7th October to 16th October 2019.
4. Lakshmeesha of II PUC participated in the All India Shivaji Trekking at Maharastra from 27th November to 4th December 2019.
5. CQMS.Shivaraj H.R. of II PUC p a r t i c i p a t e d i n t h e A d v a n c e Leadership Camp held at Agartala from 17th November to 28th November 2019.
6. 13 SD and 4 SW cadets participated in the Combined Annual Training Camp held at Alva’s College, Moodbidri from 9thOctober to 18th October 2019.

Activities and Achievements
1. 25 SD and 9 SW cadets passed ‘B’ Certificate examinations held in the month of February 2019. 17 Cadets passed ‘B’ Certificate examinations with ‘A’ Grade and 17 cadets with ‘B’ Grade.
2. International Yoga day was celebrated in the College on 21st June 2019.
3. Kargil Vjay Diwas was celebrated on 26th July 2019. Hawaldar Wilson Pinto,an ex-serviceman from Tacode, Moodbidri, was the chief guest on the occasion
4. An institutional level Cycle Expedition was organized on 10th September 2019 by the NCC Unit. Cycle expedition started from Sri Mahaveera College to Shri Kshetra Kateel, for about 20 kilometres. The cycle expedition was inaugurated by Mr. Vijayakumar, the Traffic Circle Inspector, Moodbidri.
5. Visit to Spoorthi Special School, Moodbidri was organized by the Unit on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanthi Day Celebrations. Distribution of fruits to the inmates of school and presentation of cultural events by the NCC cadets held on the occasion.
6. NCC cadets participated in the Swatch Bharath Abhiyan organised by the Rotary Club, Moodbidri on the occasion of Ghandhi Jayanthi Day Celebrations.
7. NCC Day was celebrated on 23rd November 2019. The programme was organized jointly by the College NCC Unit and the NCC unit of Jain High School , Moodbidri. Sri Ashok Prabhu, Retired Military Officer and Sri Dombayya Shetty, Retired Hawaldar were the Guests on the occasion.

National Service Scheme (NSS)
Sri Mahavewera PU College NSS Unit consists of 100 volunteers. Mrs. Prameela K, Lecturer in Hindi is the NSS Officer. Ms. Divya of II PUC Science and Mr. Henvil Anson Valder of I PUC Science are the secretaries of NSS unit for the year 2019-20.
The regular activities of NSS were inaugurated by Sri Prakash, Member of Pathanjali Yoga Peeta, Moodbidri on 13th June 2019 by lighting the lamp for “Yoga Sapthaha”
Various activities like 10 days Yoga Camp, Paddy Harvesting, special talk on Rain Water Harvesting , preventing Dengue and Malaria diseases, life and vision of Vishwavijetha Swami Vivekananda, Sadbhavana Day, Swatchatha Programme in Kodangallu at Anganavadi and Primary Schools, NSS Day, National Unity Day, Ekatha Rally, weekend shramadhana etc., were organized.
The seven days Annual Special Camp was held at Govt Hr. Pry. School, Kallabettu from 28-09-2019 to 04-10-2019.
National festivals like Independence Day, Gandhi Jayanthi were also organized.

Rovers and Rangers Unit
Mrs. Yashodha, Department of Chemistry is the Ranger Leader and Mr.Nagendra Dathe, Department of Sanskrit is the Rovers Leader.
During the year under the report the unit has organized programmes like, celebration of Yoga Day, 10 days Yoga Camp, Program on Scholarship for PU Students by Mr. Chandrashekar, Sadbhavana Divas, talk titled Vishwa Vijetha by Shrikrishna Upadhyaya, Guest lecture on the topic ‘Mankutimmana Kaggada Mukanthara Vidyarthigalige Jeevana Moulyagalu’ by Mr. Ramesh Hebbar.

Interact Club
Interact Club of our college consists of 20 members. Mrs. Prameela, Dept. of Hindi is the teacher coordinator. Ms. Veekshitha is the president, Mr. Shivaraj is the secretary and Ms. Bhagyashree is the treasurer of this Club.
Installation Ceremony of Interact Club’s new office bearers was held on 29-07-2019 at Temple Town ParkAuditorium, Keerthinagara, Moodbidri.
Coordinator and all the members of interact club have participated in interact assembly of Rotary District 3181 District held at MRPL on 20-11-2019.

District level Badminton tournament was conducted on Sept 14, 2019. Sri K. Abhayachandra Jain was the President. Sri Narayan P.M., Proprietor, Nishmitha Tower, Moodbidri was the Inaugurator.
Individual Achievements
1. Ms. Bhagyashree of II PUC Arts secured First Place in State Level Floor Ball competition and Second place in National Level Floor Ball competition.
2. Mr. Chandra Goud Shivaji Gowda Patil of I PUC Arts secured first place in state level Floor Ball competition organized by St. Agnes College Mangalore.
3. Ms. Bhoomika of II PUC Science participated in district level Badminton competition.
4. Ms Sindhu of I PUC Com participated in district level competition in Table tennis.
5. Mr. Karthik of II PUC Science participated in district level Volley Ball competition.

Following students have secured prizes in various inter collegiate competitions:-
1. Sudheeksha of I PUC Science (PCMB) won First place in PUC District Level Kannada Essay Competition held at SDM College, Ujire.
2. Henvil Anson Valder of I PUC Science (PCMS) secured Second Place in inter collegiate Elocution Competition on ‘Chandrayana 2’ held at S.V.S. College, Bantwal. He has also participated in the 26th Children’s Cultural conference “ಮಕ್ಕಳ ಧ್ವನಿ”- 2019” held at Rotary P.U.College, Moodbidri.
3. Ms. Aparna Prabhu of I PUC Science secured first place in Essay Competition conducted by Moodbidri Press Club on the occasion of Press Day celebration on 07-07-2019. She has also secured consolation prize in Kannada essay competition jointly organized by Moodbidri Co-operative society and Agricultural Department on 03-08- 2019.
4. 16 Students of I and II PU Science attended Inspire Camp held at Pilikula from 14th to 18th November 2019. Mr. Larren Deelon Serrao of I PUC Science won the prize in Essay Competition and he was recognized as the best Camper.

Programmes conducted during 2019-20
1. To help the students to study well, ‘Brain Camp Training’ was organized for II PUC students on 4th July 2019 Prof. Vrashabharaj was the resource person. This was sponsored by our alumnus Mr. Sanjay A. Bhat.
2. Video and PPT presentation on Lunar Eclipse was arranged on 16-07-2019.
3. Live Telecast of ‘Indian Probe Chandrayan –2 Launch’ was organized on 22-07-2019.
4. Live Telecast of ‘Cartostat-3 Satellite Launch’ was arranged on 27-11-2019

I express my respectful thanks to the President of Governing Council Sri K. Abhayachandra Jain, all the Trustees and Principal of Degree College Prof. Chandrashekhar Dixit for their guidance and cooperation.
I am thankful to the parents, old students and general public for their support. I also thank all the teaching staff, non teaching staff and the students for their cooperation.

Thank you one and all.