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Mere buildings and infrastructure cannot make a College unless they are properly utilized. In the case of the Colleges, proper utility means all-round development of the personality of the students, which is turn enhances the quality of the civilians. It is with this noble that that Sri Mahaveera College has been striving hard.
Established in 1965 with a strong service motive, the College has been endeavouring to materialize the dream of higher education in this rural area. Running on the “no profit-no loss” principle, the College has consciously kept away from the commercial ideologies. Thousands of our students, who have walked out of the portals of this College, vouchsafe the same.
Education at Sri Mahaveera College is cheap, but it is not cheap education. We do not compromise with quality. This is reflected in our College getting the coveted ‘A’ grade from the NAAC. This is because we are aware what quality higher education can do to our enthusiastic youth. The College belongs to the society at large. It is the responsibility of all of us to take this Institution to greater heights for the mutual good. It is our fond desire that a thousand hands hold high the rich heritage of Sri Mahaveera College.

Prof. M. Ramesh Bhat


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