Rules and Regulations

General Rules and Regulations

The college expects the students to do serious and sustained work and to make maximum use of the facilities offered for their all-round development. Exams will be conducted at the end of every semester. Attendance is compulsory and their promotion will depend on their regularity. Students are strongly encouraged to take an additional Certificate Courses offered by various departments in the college, relevant to their subject specialization during the course of their study. Students coming from Kannada medium will have English coaching classes.

Students are asked to take special note of the following

  • Irregularity in attendance, habitual inattention, neglect of work, disorderly behavior, obscenity in word or act are punishable by any one of the following depending on the gravity of the offence:
    a) Warning
    b) Fine
    c) Loss of Attendance
    d) Cancellation of scholarship, free-ship etc
    e) Suspension for a definite or indefinite period
    f) Expulsion
  • The College, though not responsible for the conduct of its students outside the premises, will take cognizance of any serious misconduct committed outside its premises.
  • Ragging is strictly forbidden
  • Possession of Cell-Phone is strictly prohibited in the Campus. Use of cellular phones inside class room / corridors is strictly Forbidden.
  • The College does not hold election for the Students Council.
  • students of both P.U. and Degree Courses shall wear the prescribed uniform & Identity Card.