Rules and Regulations

General Rules and Regulations

The college expects the students to do serious and sustained work and to make maximum use of the facilities offered for their all-round development. Exams will be conducted at the end of every semester. Attendance is compulsory and their promotion will depend on their regularity. Students are strongly encouraged to take an additional Certificate Courses offered by various departments in the college, relevant to their subject specialization during the course of their study. Students coming from Kannada medium will have English coaching classes.

Students are asked to take special note of the following

  • Irregularity in attendance, habitual inattention, neglect of work, disorderly behavior, obscenity in word or act are punishable by any one of the following depending on the gravity of the offence:
    a) Warning
    b) Fine
    c) Loss of Attendance
    d) Cancellation of scholarship, free-ship etc
    e) Suspension for a definite or indefinite period
    f) Expulsion
  • The College, though not responsible for the conduct of its students outside the premises, will take cognizance of any serious misconduct committed outside its premises.
  • Ragging is strictly forbidden
  • Possession of Cell-Phone is strictly prohibited in the Campus. Use of cellular phones inside class room / corridors is strictly Forbidden.
  • The College does not hold election for the Students Council.
  • students of both P.U. and Degree Courses shall wear the prescribed uniform & Identity Card.

Code of Conduct for Teaching and Non- teaching Staff

  • Must abide by the rules and regulations of the institution and show due respect to the constituted authority.
  • Every employee of the Institution should be punctual in attendance with respect to his/her work and other work connected with duties assigned to them by the head of the Institution.
  • No Employee shall remain absent from the institution without leave or the previous permission of the head of the institution.
  • Should not practice, propogate or incite any student to practice, propogate castism, communal or sectarian activity or untouchability in or outside the campus.
  • Should not discriminate against any person on the grounds of caste, creed, language, place of origin, social & cultural background or any of them.
  • Shall reside within 8 kilometers of the place of work and shall make yourself available whenever your services are required by the college.
  • Employee shall leave the station only with the prior permission of the head of the Institution and must be present in the College throughout the working hours of the college.
  • All the employees are governed by the rules and regulations framed by the College Trust from time to time.
  • Employees are not allowed to take part in politics nor he or she shall take part in, subscribe in aid, or assist in any other manner, any political movement or activity.
  • No employee shall join or continue to be a member of an association, the objects of activities of which are pre-judicial to the interest of the sovereignty and integrity of India or in the interest of the institution.
  • No Employee shall involve himself/herself participate in any demonstration which is against the interest of the institution and of the country.
  • No Employee shall engage in other occupation or trade which brings profit because every employee is a full time staff of the institution.
  • Management appointed teaching and non-teaching staff shall give one month notice or one month pay if they intended to discontinue their service in the middle of the contract period.
  • The appointing authority reserves the right of terminating the services of the staff appointed by the management at any time during the contract period of their service if found not satisfactory or if sufficient workload is not available in their respective subjects. However, management appointed employees are given one month’s notice or one month’s salary in lieu in the event of termination of their services.
  • No Employee of the institution shall engage in any activities (Criminal) which defame the name of the institution. Management reserves the right to take judicial actions against such employees who violate the norms prescribed by the management.
  • No Employee shall engage in giving tution related activities which are against to the norms of the institution.
  • Smoking or using of Tobocco in any form is prohibited in the Campus.
  • Use of Alcohol, Mobile during working hour is strictly banned in the Campus as per the directions of the Mangalore University and Government of Karnataka.

Rules and Regulations for Students

  • The Students are required to maintain good conduct and discipline in the classroom, campus and outside the college as well.
  • Mobile phones are strictly prohibited in the College, Hostels and college campus.
  • Students are required to follow dress code or wear uniform if prescribed by the College.
  • The students shall produce the identity card whenever the college authorities demand.
  • College property shall be carefully handled. Deliberate damage to college property by students attracts appropriate fines.
  • Consumption of alcohol, tobacco and narcoties in any form, chewing gums during class hours, insubordination,obscenity in word and deed, misbehaviour and indifference to classwork are regarded as indiscipline attracting appropriate punishment.
  • Collection of funds in the college is not allowed without the permission of the Principal.
  • Students are strictly prohibited from taking part in any kind of agitation against the college and Government.
  • Students are allowed to be called outside the class only with proper intimation from the college office through the lecturer.
  • Students are not allowed to conduct any party in the college, tour or new activity without the approval of the Principal.
  • Students shall follow all rules and regulations set by the college from time to time. The Principal has power to suspend and dismiss any student from the college or hostel on disciplinary matters as per Karnataka State University Act.
  • No students shall enter or leave the classroom during the class hours without the permission of the teacher.
  • The Teacher has all powers to conduct the class smoothly in accordance with the rules and regulations of the college.
  • Punctuality and regularity in attending classes is compulsory.
  • Absence on proper and genuine grounds shall be brought to the notice of concerned lecturers before attending further classes. Official absence due to sports and games and cultural activities should be acknowledged by Physical Director and staff in-charge of the cultural activities.
  • Attendance will be counted only from the date of admission. 75% of attendance is the minimum requirement in every subjects. Shortage of attendance will be intimated to students from time to time through the college notice board. Intimation to the Parents is also sent in this regard. Students are not allowed to appear for public examination if there is shortage of attendance as per University and Department regulations.
  • Class tests and terminal examinations are conducted periodically.
  • For the degree students the internal assessment marks are calculated as per University instructions.
  • The college maintains records of each student. The cumulative records of group of students are assigned to different academic advisors. The cumulative record contains the record of marks abtained in college examinations and tests, attendance and other activities.
  • Atleast twice a year Parents – Students – Teachers Meeting along with the Principal will be held. This will give an idea to the parents about the progress of their children or wards. All the parents must make it a point to attend this meeting without fail.
  • The students shall maintain high standard and discipline while participating in N.C.C., N.S.S., Youth Red Cross., Rangers., Sports and Games, Personality Development Activities, Association Meetings, College Day Celebrations and Valedictory Function.
  • Students shall wear College identity card when they are in the campus.
  • Academic Advisors mentors the activities of the students carefully and only if indisciplinary cases arise it will be informed to the parents/Guardians.
  • Ragging in any form, Sexual harassment and related activities are strictly banned as per the orders of the Government and University.

Note to parents

  • Parents’ Meet is held twice in a year after the College Examinations. All the Parents / Guardians must attend these meetings.
  • The parents and guardians are requested to keep in touch with the principal concerned from time to time, observe the progress and conduct of their wards.
  • Parents / Guardians should take care regarding a minimum of 75% attendance of their wards.
  • Parents are requested to pay all the College dues directly to the College Office. Hostel dues shall be paid in Cash / D.D payable to the Chief Warden (Principal)